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Malini Awasthi is synonymous with folk music in India. Her mellifluous renditions have rightly earned her the credit for placing the folk music of Awadh and Benares on the country's cultural radar.

Malini has worked arduously to revive Indian folk music which had virtually become moribund and through her painstaking efforts has brought it within the reach of the non-elite. The verve and zeal with which Malini sings imparts a unique quality to her music. She astonishingly exploits the melody in her voice, exploring the microtonal. Her rich repertoire includes the myriad forms of folk music viz-the Dadra, Kajri, Jhoola, Holi, Chaiti, Sohar, Banna,Vivah, Dhobhiya,Virha Nirgun etc.

A disciple of the Thumri exponent Padma Bhushan Girija Devi Ji, Malini is one of the Thumri singers for the Banaras gharana. She has melodiously sung many traversals to the higher octaves and performed with dignified ease, thus indicating the meticulous care of a supple voice. Rendering chosen compositions with technical virtuosity, Malini has sung her way into the hearts of the listeners in India and abroad. Through her ghazal and Sufi gaayki, she creates resonances of the old world charm of the beautiful Lucknow and the 'Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb' of Uttar Pradesh.

Versatile adaptability is Malini's forte. She is a regular performer for the famous "JAHAN-E-KHUSRO" organized by renowned filmmaker and artist Muzaffer Ali. Her Sufi music albums on ROOMI and HAZRAT AMIR KHUSRO have been widely appreciated. Times Music has produced three music albums PURVAIYA, HOLI HAI and NANHI NANHI BUNDIYA RE with Malini awasthi which has been a big hit. PURVAIYA was launched by Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia in Mumbai in the year of 2009. Malini has sung for the famous band MEDIEVAL PANDITZ in their album HELLO-HELLO and her fusion song TONIC has been a world- wide hit.

When Bharat Ratna, LATA MANGHESHKAR ji, on her 80th birthday was asked about the promising talents in music, she named Malini, as one of her favorite singers ( Hindustan Times, 29th September, 2009). Coming from the living legend herself, Malini considers these golden words as one of her biggest milestones.

A post graduate in Hindustani classical music from Bhatkhande University, Lucknow, she has performed extensively throughout the country, spreading the rich heritage of Indian folk music.

An ICCR approved artist, she has toured various countries, including the USA, the UK, Holland, fiji and Mauritius. She also has a rare honour of being invited to Pakistan to render her style of Thumri, Dadra and Ghazals.